Swara Tube Preamplifier

The Swara Preamplifier is based on our hugely successful PM-1 model which was launched in 2006. The circuit has been improved and refined over many years. Most importantly our experience with variety of components has enabled us to manufacture a very high quality preamplifier at a price that was never possible before.


The sonic performance of this preamplifier is world class and rivals other products that cost significantly more. Only the very best quality components are used throughout the preamplifier.

# Metal Film Resistors & Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors used in audio circuit
# Proven circuit; Very reliable performance for many years to come.
# Remote control supports both volume control (Motorized Alps Potentiometer) & Input selection.



  TND+N 0.14%  
  Noise -90dB  
  Output Impedance 280Ω  
  Frequency Response 20Hz - 25kHz, +/- 3dB  
  Tube 3 x 6N2P  
  Number of Inputs 5  
  Dimension 17.25" (W) x 14.5" (D) x 4" (H)  
  Weight 8 Kg