Thiyaga- Digital to Analogue Convertor

In recent years digital audio has become a lot more exciting with the availability of high-resolution studio masters. In the past, low resolution Redbook format was a very limiting factor in acoustic reproduction. Now, high resolution media takes us much closer to a live performance; this also fits very well with our design philosophy - Pure, Dynamic & Expressive.


Thiyaga DAC was developed by leveraging the latest advances in digital technologies and availability of precision components. The DAC forms the very foundation for acoustic reproduction; hence the DAC's design and development was a no compromise effort which took over 3 years.

The Sonic of this DAC are truly world class and among the very best that money can buy.

# Support for ASYNC USB which enables us to overcome the 96 kHz limitation of a typical USB interface; The DAC will come with a CD containing drivers for various versions of Windows and MAC OS.
# The DAC is capable of operating in native 24/192 KHz; This enables the user to take full advantage of the hi-resolution media that have been made available recently.
# Flexible to accommodate various digital sources such as computers (media-servers), dedicated CD transport, Blu-ray players, media players (optical), etc.,
# 8 independent power supplies for various circuits; In addition several voltage regulators and chokes are used on the digital circuits.


Specification :

  SNR 110dB  
  THD 0.004%  
  Dynamic Range 116dB  
  Input 1 x Optical, 2 x SPDIF (75Ω Coaxial), 1 x Async USB  
  Analogue Output One pair single ended, One pair balanced output (XLR)  
  Dimension 17.5" (W) x 14.5" (D) x 4.25" (H)  
  Weight 5 Kg