Thiyaga- 24/96kHz CD Transport

The Compact-Disc (CD) has been around for well over three decades and will remain a significant media for many more years. We can expect many connoisseurs to own a large and valuable collection of CDs, some of which are probably irreplaceable. It becomes important to treasure this collection and make good use of it. At Acoustic Portrait, we believe that a good quality transport is important for optimal reproduction of CD.

  Inside Trans

The Thiyaga CD transport is based on the popular CD-PRO2 module. Only the finest components are used to manufacturer the transport. Thiyaga transport is designed to provide better performance and functionality over many other commercially available transport that uses the same CD-PRO2 module.

# An unique approach of upsampling I2S in the transport; This is done using a proprietary circuit built with a precision clock; This approach helps in minimizing jitter.
# After the upsampling stage, the digital signal is transmitted as SPDIF using a high quality conversion and driver stages. Another factor that helps in reducing jitter.
# To ensure proper mechanical isolation of the transport modules, it is mounted on a purpose built housing - manufactured from the finest grade of aluminium.
# Improved user convenience through use of expensive and large VFD Display; The transport comes with a fully functional remote control.
# 6 independent power supplies for various circuits; This is apart from the extensive use of on board voltage regulators and chokes on the upsampling board.

The transport has a total of three digital outputs. This flexibility would make it easy to match the transport with various DACs from various manufacturers.

  trans arch

Specification :

  Output 1 - SPDIF Standard 16/44.1 kHz output  
  Output 2 - SPDIF 24/48 kHz (or) 24/96 kHz,  Transformer coupled  
  Output 3 - AES/EBU 24/48 kHz (or) 24/96 kHz,  Transformer coupled  
  Dimension 17.5" (W) x 14.5" (D) x 4.25" (H)  
  Weight 8 Kg  

A switch is provided to select between 24/48 kHz and 24/96 kHz operating modes of the upsampling circuit